Microbiota according to Osipov

The human intestine is inhabited by various bacteria. And this is a very beneficial neighborhood for humans, since the microbiota performs many important functions, such as digestive, protective, immune. And everything is fine with you as long as beneficial bacteria prevail in the microflora, and if for some reason pathogenic bacteria multiply and flourish in the body, then there is a high probability of developing a disease. To know what your microbiota consists of, it is enough to do a blood test (CMS) according to Osipov. This is a laboratory analysis of biomaterial evaluation using chromatography and mass spectrometry, according to which a conclusion is made about the presence of various bacteria in the body and determine their effect on the patient’s body.

The advantage of microbiota analysis according to Osipov

This method gives a detailed assessment of the significance of non-culturable microorganisms in the pathological process.


  1. The material being examined does not need additional preparation.
  2. No need to waste time growing microorganisms in a special environment.
  3. If there is a marker, then individual species can be identified.
  4. More than 50 microorganisms can be detected in one analysis.
  5. Even “dormant pathogens” can be detected
  6. It also finds viruses and fungi.

Microbiota analysis according to Osipov, at the moment, is the most accurate. Therefore, it is often used to diagnose various diseases.

How is the microbiota analysis according to Osipov

Blood sampling from a vein or from a finger is carried out at any time, and on an empty stomach or not it does not matter. After 1-2 days, you can get a conclusion, which describes in detail the results obtained with their assessment. With the help of these data, the doctor will select the right treatment.

Cons of microbiota analysis according to Osipov

This analysis is not carried out in all laboratories; this requires expensive equipment. And the price for this analysis is high.

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