Colonoscopy. Second opinion

Second opinion Opinion ) is a re-analysis and commentary of a study performed in a third-party institution based on the provided documentation, analyzes and photo and video files by a qualified expert-level doctor, dispelling doubts and distrust of the conclusion, or clarifying the treatment plan, observation or prognosis of the disease.

The second opinion on colonoscopy by an endoscopist is a careful study of diagnostic images of endoscopic examinations, consultation on a pathologist-histological protocol, determination of the timing and intervals of observation, endoscopic treatment.

Required documentation for a second opinion on colonoscopy:

  1. A printed form of the protocol, with the obligatory indication of the model of the videoscope ( colonoscope ), the form of local or general anesthesia
  2. All kinds of electronic media for photo and video recording ( flash card, CD-ROM, pictures stored in the phone’s memory) reflecting photo frames or video images of colonoscopy are welcome.
  3. When performing a biopsy – its results, in printed form or electronic form: photos, scans.
  4. Other blood tests, urine tests, biochemical blood tests, scatological and immunological reports, etc.
  5. X-ray pictures and their description.
  6. Ultrasound, scans and protocols.

What information can be consulted:

  1. Various types of colopathy .
  2. NUC non-specific – ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, yersiniosis.
  3. Erosive and ulcerative lesions of the colon and small intestine.
  4. Tumors and polyps of the colon.
  5. SSA/SSP, LST granular and non -granular .
  6. Classification according to Parisian, Kudo , Jet , Nice , WASP classifications of polyps.
  7. Determining the operational impact of ESD EMR TMR.
  8. The need for an adjacent consultation is a proctologist, gynecologist, immunologist, gastroenterologist.
  9. Angiodysplasia of the colon mucosa.
  10. Rare diseases – neuroendocrine tumors of the colon, celiac disease.
  11. Histological conclusion – interpretation, comments, forecasts.

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