Stomach ulcer is a chronic disease

Often, as a result of various disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, problems of a chronic nature arise. One of these troubles is a stomach ulcer.

As a rule, ulcers are provoked by malfunctions associated with the mechanism that regulates the secretory function of the duodenum and stomach. Also, modern medicine notes that peptic ulcer disease can occur against the background of chronic cholecystitis, after inflammation of appendicitis, together with cholelithiasis, and even when other organs of the human body are affected. The hormonal background also plays a role. 

Pathogenesis of stomach ulcers and its symptoms

Numerous studies today have expanded the scope of the perception of peptic ulcer disease. Now it becomes clear that the pathogenesis of such a disturbance in the digestive system is an imbalance, when stomach juice and the protective functions of the mucous membrane of the same organ do not work harmoniously, an imbalance arises.

As for the symptoms, the main symptom of the disease is pain in the upper abdomen. Discomfort, as a rule, occurs on an empty stomach sutra, sometimes cramps between meals are possible. Pain syndrome can wake a person even at night, and only medication or a small snack can smooth out the aggression of gastric juice. The pain goes away within 20 minutes if action is taken to relieve it. Sometimes the patient is worried about the feeling of constant nausea, decreased appetite, heartburn, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. 

Disease prevention includes simple tips:

  • get more rest, good sleep is a prerequisite for having health;
  • give up fatty, fried and spicy foods;
  • visit the dentist regularly, food should be chewed thoroughly, and this is possible only with healthy teeth;
  • give up alcohol and smoking;
  • exclude too hot and cold dishes;
  • take care of your nerves.

It is important to diagnose an ulcer in a timely manner.

When diagnosing the problem, along with the symptoms, the responses of the radiograph and fibrogastroscopy are taken into account . The analysis of gastric juice and biopsy are taken into account.

When the disease worsens, the patient is hospitalized. Doctors advise adhering to a strict diet. As a rule, a course of treatment with antibiotics and antiulcer drugs is carried out .  

The specific treatment regimen is made only by the doctor. An ulcer can cause complications, especially if it is localized directly in the stomach. There is a possibility that a neglected erosive condition can develop into oncology. Be careful not to self-medicate. 

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