Stomach ulcer: why and what hurts?

Many diseases of the digestive organs in the modern world have become quite common. The reason for this is significant changes in the quality and rhythm of life of a modern person.

People, in pursuit of benefits, forget about their own health, do not pay due attention to nutrition, and abuse bad habits. This leads to all sorts of disruptions in the work of many body systems. A stomach ulcer is the best example of this. Many different factors, such as malnutrition, alcohol, smoking and antibiotic use, have a devastating effect on the lining of the stomach, disrupting its integrity. Various degrees of severity of ulcerative lesions are possible.    

It is important to treat such gastrointestinal problems only under the supervision of a physician. Therapies are usually personalized.

Symptoms of the disease

A gastric ulcer in the process of its development can be chronic. Periods of exacerbation mainly fall in the spring or autumn. The patient may note:

  • Painful sensations in the upper abdomen. The pains can be aching and most often stitching and even cutting. The last painful sensations are manifested mainly when the ulcerative lesion begins to bleed;
  • Nausea, accompanied by vomiting, and arising depending on the time of eating;
  • Heartburn that appears about 1-3 hours after eating;
  • Sour belching that occurs regardless of the foods included in the patient’s daily diet.

To diagnose gastric ulcers, doctors prescribe a series of examinations for the patient, including ultrasound and endoscopy. It is also important to donate blood for general and biochemical analysis, morning urine and feces. In addition, feces are taken to determine the presence of hidden blood particles in its composition. There is no way to do without the advice of a doctor .  

Doctor’s advice, first aid for ulcers

If you feel discomfort in the upper abdomen, you are worried about constant heartburn and belching, then it is important to seek advice from a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. Ultra-precise diagnostics will help identify pathology and make a diagnosis. It is not worth treating pain on your own at home with dubious medications.

If you have already been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and unpleasant sensations are signs of an exacerbation, then you have the right to take medications that your doctor has prescribed for you earlier to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Also, don’t forget about your diet. 

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