Popular myths and facts about stomach ulcers

Unfortunately, neither adults nor children are insured against such a disease as a stomach ulcer . There are plenty of causes of the disease. Today there are many myths and facts about stomach ulcers. The most popular of them are worth paying attention to.   

Stomach ulcer myths

Stomach ulcers are said to be contagious and can be contracted like the flu or dysentery. In fact, gastrointestinal ulcers are caused by the presence of a special type of bacteria called Helicobacter . They can be inherited by a person from their parents, and throughout their life they actively reproduce, continuing their vital activity inside the human body. This is observed in 70% of all Russians, although the presence of such bacteria is not always a cause for concern, because not all are ulcers. Pathology appears not because of the presence of Helicobacter , but because of the conditions that a person creates inside the digestive tract for the reproduction of these bacteria. And the more damage is on the mucous membrane of the stomach, the more comfortable harmful microorganisms will feel there.  

Many argue that weight loss in peptic ulcer disease is a must. In practice, weight can only fall during the acute phase of the disease, when the gastric mucosa is extremely sensitive and reacts to rough food. During the period of remission, as a rule, the patient’s appetite is normal or above average;

Accurate Facts About Stomach Ulcer

Before starting ulcer treatment, you need to get the exact advice of your doctor. It is important for the patient to know some facts about the disease: 

  • Helicobacter bacteria can be transmitted in several ways – genetic and even through saliva;
  • infection does not depend on gender and age;
  • there is a connection between the formation of ulcers and bad habits (alcohol consumption and addiction to nicotine);
  • the predisposing factors are all kinds of eating disorders, abuse of coarse, spicy food or alcohol-containing products;
  • ulcer treatment does not always require surgical intervention (modern medicines allow an effective course of therapy);
  • soda and milk are not at all a panacea for the disease;
  • in case of stomach pains, it is forbidden to warm the abdominal region; instead of benefit, it harms human health.

Nowadays, many are accustomed to using only unconventional methods of treating diseases. Alas, alternative medicine without the advice of a doctor is not allowed even during remission. Acute pain requires immediate medical attention and conservative therapy, and sometimes surgery. Do not self-medicate.  

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